Collars and leashes without leather

  • Custom made collars and leashes (without leather) are machine washable.
    • no more than 40 degrees in a laundry bag or any other bag to make sure the fittings won't damage the washing machine.
  • Alternatively hand wash with hot water and soap.
  • Our colours are UV stable so they won’t fade, though the the gold/silver cord will eventually get lighter over time.

Collars and leashes with leather.

  • Hand wash only. Apply some treatment (Wax, Oil) after washing to the leather part.



Our gold fittings are made from pure brass. They are not plated.

The brass will discolor over time through contact with air and seawater. Use a brass cleaner or polish to bring it the shine back and restore it to its original state.

Stainless Steel.

Our stainless steel fittings are made to with stand all conditions. Wipe with a clean microfibre cloth to remove dirt and sediments.