The Chommies ‘fairy tail’ began with two dogs, Hiker (better known as Superdawg) & Ringo who met unexpectedly at a farmers market in the heart of Cape Town. The two dogs hit it off immediately which led to a friendship, and business partnership between their humans, Nathalie & Zac.

The name Chommies is a South African colloquial, meaning Friends. This name encapsulates the brand in its entirety. Their products connect humans and animals alike.

From the beginning of production, until the product reaches you, Chommies aims to connect people with the products they buy, the artisans who make them and of course to the beautiful animals who wear them.

Every Chommies product is handcrafted with care by talented local artisans. Chommies sources almost all its materials from South Africa. Nathalie has a fantastic eye for design and trends, and Zac compliments this with his passion for people and business.
Together, their combined love for Cape town and animals makes their brand what it is today.