Negroni | Mohair

R 3,500


Mohair is one of the finest and most exclusive natural materials in the world. Our mohair comes from a herd of happy, free-roaming goats in the South African Karoo who get hand-shorn twice a year.

We pride ourselves on the softness of our yarn. While most mohair comes from adult goats, ours is spun from the wool of younger kid goats and dyed with natural dyes. It is supremely soft, light and with a special lustre like silk. It also provides a warmth like no other material because it breathes, unlike sheep's wool, and it allows our bodies to breathe too.

Our colours are influenced by nature and yet we combine them in an unexpected way. The result is an exceptional collection of knitwear of the highest quality, which we hope you will love and live in for a very long time. And because mohair is durable and has an innate elasticity, it will remain beautiful for all those years.

We design our knitwear so it can be worn anywhere, anytime, relaxing at home, grocery shopping, enjoying a sundowner on the beach, or walking the dog in the park, along the prom or up the mountain. Because of mohair's insulating thermal properties, it is perfect all year round.

Our Mohairy knitwear comes in a one-size-fits-all style. Choose between single-knit and double-knit, depending on the look and feel you prefer. Our single knits are lighter with a looser knit, and are perfect for winter and cool summer evenings. Our double knits are weightier, have a denser knit and will keep you warm on even the coldest days.

Mohairy knitwear is for fashion forward males and females.

We hope you don't mind waiting patiently for your Mohair knitwear. Delivery can take between 2 weeks, but it's worth waiting for.

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