Classic Mohair | Cardigan

R 3,500
Our cardigans are floppy and fabulous, loose-fitting with balloon sleeves. On those unexpectedly chilly days, when that certain person who always knows best says, “You’ll catch a chill if you go out like that”, it’ll be the very thing you sneak back to grab. Choose your favourite colour from thirty bundles of yarn, and create a classic piece of knitwear which you will love and live in for a very long time. The Custom Mohair Cardigan comes in single-knit (light and loose) and double-knit (weightier and thicker). It’s available in one size – designed to be worn by anyone, any shape, anywhere. Hand sheared. Hand spun. Hand dyed. Hand knitted. Strictly no machines. Made to order. Hand wash. Dry Flat. Read here about our goats, yarn and knitters.

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