Oni (lilac | gold | royal blue | bottle green | rust | burnt orange)

R 900

This is a hard wearing collar, ideal for energetic dogs who swim regularly and / or like to get dirty during playtime.

Please measure your dog carefully before placing your order. Feel free to use the Chommies measuring guide to ensure an accurate fit. 
NB! Note that this collar tightens when your dog pulls on the leash.

Materials used:

- single (28 - 36 cm), or double strands of rope (sizes 37cm and larger)

- colour whipping - lilac | gold | bottle green | rust | brunt orange

- 2 x brass rings

 Care instructions:

This collar is fully machine washable (up to 40°C). Fittings are pure brass and won’t rust. Polish fittings regularly to bring back their original shine.

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