Hands-Free Leashes

R 850

This is our specially designed ‘hands free’ leash, easily worn around your waist or across your body while you walk or run. This is achieved by including two knots with 1 O-ring and 2 snap hooks, for you to adjust as needed.

We typically use our signature black and white rope, but keep an eye out for other colour options in our limited edition collections.

Materials used:

- 2.80m black and white rope (hiking / sailing-grade)

- Colour whipping, added to both ends

- 2 x brass snap hooks

- 1 x O-rings

Care instructions:

This collar is fully machine washable (up to 40°C). Fittings can be polished and won’t rust. Wrap the leash in a towel and tie the ends off in knots to prevent the metal fittings from damaging your washing machine.

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