Dog Treats - West Coast Hake

R 180

West Coast Hake 

We’ve asked most dogs and the votes are in: treats are pretty amazing! So, we decided to team up with Chef Megan Kate Swan to create dog treats so delicious, you’d be forgiven for wanting to snack on them too!

Our inspiration originated from the abundance of local, sustainably-sourced produce we're surrounded by in South Africa. The champion ingredient in these treats is the line caught shallow water hake that swim along the West Coast, sourced from Southern Cross Fisheries.

Bursting with flavour - and perfect for even the fussiest of snackers - hake is high in Omega-3 fatty acids and protein, making it ideal for the well-being of your dog.

Our treats are thoughtfully created with nourishing superfoods and local ingredients that make them a healthier, happier way to reward your dog. They are also 100% fit for human consumption.

From farm to bowl, only the best for your Chommie!

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