CHOMMIES Custom - Mini Hands-Free Leash

R 550

Our mini leashes are made with our thinnest signature black and white rope, colour whipping of your choice, and with smaller brass fittings for more delicate animals. They’re suitable for tiny dog breeds, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs!

Designed to be worn around your waist or cross-body, keeping your hands-free while you walk or run with your animal by your side. Simply adjust the position of the knots and rings so that it fits snuggly around your waist or comfortably across your body.

Take a look at our  collars and our cat collars if you want to complete the Chommies look.

Length: 280cm 

Rope – light but durable, comfortable to hold and locally produced

Colour Whipping – added to both ends. Durable, washable and locally produced

Brass – solid, non-rusting and custom-made 

How to care for your Mini Standard Leash:

  • This leash is fully machine washable up to 40°c 
  • Polish the brass with a dry cloth

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