Wollen Dog Ball | Orange and White


Our Woollen Ball toys make for interactive play, consisting of textures and scents your dog will love... maybe even your cat too!


  • Gentle on your dog's teeth, ensuring for a safe play time
  • Made from 100% pure sheep’s wool, consisting only of natural fibres and dyes
  • Dogs find the smell of sheep particularly irresistible 
  • 100% recyclable and good for the environment

Materials and Care

  • 100% pure Sheep's wool
  • Machine washable on high heat and tumble dry
  • Renewable. Should some of the ball start wearing away, do not let your dog swallow these. To restore, pick up the pieces of wool and add together with the ball in a sock. Secure the sock with a knot and machine wash the ball. The fibres will knot together again and your ball will come out squeaky clean
  • Do not leave your dog unattended when playing with toys 

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