Snap Hook Dog Collar | Rainbow


Snap Hook collars are designed for dogs who love the look, feel and functionality of the O-Rings, but prefer not to have it pulled over their heads. Especially welcomed by dogs with a larger head to neck ratio.

For your dog's safety, please always remove any collar when your dog is playing with other dogs or is left unattended.


Our colour-happy Rainbow capsule celebrates dogs from all walks of life, of every size, shape and fur colour. All profits from this collection are donated to The Underdog Project


  • Snap Hook Collars are made to measure tailored to your dog's neck size - choose the size range and then enter the neck measurements to order. See our measuring guide
  • ​​The snap hook is positioned between the rope for easy fastening and a fixed fit
  • Suitable for dogs that walk well on the leash and do not try to escape from the collar
  • Includes Chommies Lead Me Home solid brass tag
  • Comes with a branded cotton tote bag
  • Conveniently designed for fastening around the neck rather than pulling it over the head
  • Made by skilled local artisans in our Cape Town studio

Materials and Care

  • Rope collar made with a single strand of rope and partial signature colourful whipping detail 
  • Solid brass snap hook.
  • While this item loves the sun and can go for a swim (in salt water even), please wear with care
  • Option to hand or machine was at 40 degrees with gentle detergent. If machine washing, place item in a laundry bag to avoid brass fittings damaging the machine
  • If polishing the brass fitting, be mindful of touching the flat rope to avoid staining

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