O-Ring Non-Choker Dog Collar | Camo Glow on Olive


O-Ring collars are ideal for energetic dogs, who love to move-it move-it and get out of their collar. The sporty light design is fit for adventure, especially lending itself to dogs that love to swim. The Non-Choker style slips over your dog’s head and offers a fixed tailored neck fit. 

For your dog's safety, please always remove any collar when your dog is playing with other dogs or is left unattended.


African Ecstasy is a celebration of the wild and wonderful magic of South Africa’s Great Karoo. From the kaleidoscopic colours that burst through sunsets and succulent blooms, to the earthy textures and rawness of the landscape; the result is a euphoric collection of fluoro-pops guaranteed to leave you high on happiness, set against a calming canvas of neutral tones. 


  • O-Ring Collars are made to measure, tailored to your dog's neck and head size - choose the size range and then enter the neck and head measurements to order. See our measuring guide
  • ​​The O-Ring is positioned between the rope so that it can’t tighten up when your dog is on the leash. (Contrary to our O-Ring Choker Collars design)
  • Suited to active dogs that walk well on the leash and do not try to escape from the collar 
  • Includes Chommies Lead Me Home solid brass tag
  • Comes with a branded cotton tote bag
  • Not suitable for dogs with disproportionate head to neck ratios
  • Made by skilled local artisans in our Cape Town studio

 Mix and match our leashes to complete the Chommies look.

Materials and Care

  • Rope collar made with double strands of rope and signature colourful whipping detail 
  • Solid brass O-Rings
  • While this item loves the sun and can go for a swim (even in salt water), please wear with care
  • Option to hand or machine was at 40 degrees with gentle detergent. If machine washing, place item in a laundry bag to avoid brass fittings damaging the machine
  • If polishing the brass fitting, be mindful of touching the flat rope to avoid staining

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