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The Sonic Sunrise Hands-Free Dog Leash

Versatile is what best describes the Hands-Free rope dog leash.

This is the ideal rope dog leash for calm dogs who enjoys leisurely strolls, rambunctious dogs to better control using your body weight and even for two dogs on one leash!


African Ecstasy is a celebration of the wild and wonderful magic of South Africa’s Great Karoo.

From the kaleidoscopic colours that burst through sunsets and succulent blooms, to the earthy textures and rawness of the landscape.

The result is a euphoric collection of fluoro-pops guaranteed to leave you high on happiness, set against a calming canvas of neutral tones. 


  • Designed to be worn around your waist or cross-body, keeping your hands-free while you walk or run with your dog still on rope dog leash
  • Simply adjust the position of the knots and rings so that it fits snugly around your waist or comfortably across your body
  • Choose the Standard size for medium to big dogs and the Mini size for small dogs
  • Rope Dog Leashes are 236cm in length. The Standard size is on 11mm rope and the Mini on 8mm rope
  • Comes with a brand cotton tote bag 
  • Made by skilled local artisans in our Cape Town studio

Add a dog collar to your basket to complete the Chommies look.

Materials & Care  

  • Extra-long rope dog leashes with signature colour whipping detail at both ends
  • Solid brass o-rings and snap hooks
  • While this item loves the sun and can go for a swim (even in salt water), please wear with care
  • Option to hand or machine was at 40 degrees with gentle detergent. If machine washing, place item in a laundry bag to avoid brass fittings damaging the machine

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