Made from happy Karoo goats, the softest yarn and environmentally friendly dyes.
To start with, we made them just for us – something joyful to conjure up those care-free days we spent as children playing outside in oversized, colourful creations hand-knitted by Ouma. 

Then our friends wanted one, or a few, to wear everywhere. 
On a windswept beach.
Cocktails and chips with best friends.
The chiller cabinet at the supermarket.
Watching the sun slip away at the end of the day.

Our jerseys and cardigans are knitted with care and patience without any machine ever touching the yarn. Our goats are hand sheared, our yarn is hand spun and hand dyed, and every piece is lovingly hand knitted. 

Please don’t rush us! It can take up to two weeks for one of our ladies to knit and deliver your Mohairy. We have fifteen wonderful knitters who span six decades in age and all of whom have been professionally trained.

Each Mohairy differs slightly due to the individual way every knitter holds her needles and yarn. They are also imbued with the knitter’s unique experiences, passion and skill. And it is these differences, these wonderful, unrepeatable nuances – from one lady knitting in her home in Cape Town to the herd of goats picking over the arid ground of the Karoo desert – that make our knitwear so extraordinarily special.

Choose between single-knit (light and loose) and double-knit (weightier and thicker).
Most of our styles are one size.
Created to be worn by anyone, any shape, anywhere.

Our Mohair is addictive. Buy one, lust after many more.
And be prepared to fall in love.